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Singing Stones & Swagerty Ukulele

Singing Stones

The instrument is created with 100 river rocks suspended by music wire from a wing-shaped sound box and hanging in a steep arch. The strings (vibrating longitudinally) release their music as the performers dance and, with rosin-covered gloves, stroke, caress, and tug the strings. Ela Lamblin and Leah Mann gathered resonant slate from the Cascade mountains, stones from the Pacific Ocean, and rocks from the Applegate River to create this breathtakingly beautiful combination of sculptural stone, delicate movement, and symphonic sound.

swagerty ukulele Swagerty Ukulele

Born out of the "novelty uke" era during the late 1960`s, these gems were made by Swagerty Enterprises. On the left is the Treholipee, the most outrageous, with its long peghead spear that was so useful at the beach. The idea was that when you weren`t playing the thing, you could stab it into the sand. If that just wasn`t cool enough, you could go for the Kook-a-le-le, with 2 necks to double your ukulele pleasure. Rumor has it, the Treholipee also could be used as a hockey stick.

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